The Future of the Automobile Conference, held at the Petersen Automotive Museum, brings together immersive and inspirational talks, demos, test drives, and exhibitions to give a glimpse into the future of our mobility. The conference explores the brave new world of the personal transportation revolution that is set to transform every city in the world.

Panel Topics:

  • Introduction: Visions of Tomorrow

  • When Cars Talk: Connectivity and Security

  • Who is in the Driver’s Seat? Artificial Intelligence and Autonomy

  • Human Computer Interfaces, Design, and the Driving Experience

  • The Industry Future: manufacturing Transition

  • Powering the Future

  • Where the Sidewalk Ends: The Future of Infrastructure and City Planning

  • The Future of Ownership and Ridesharing

  • Rising China: Competition or Cooperation in Future Automotive Technology

  • Designing the Future


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Get Behind the Wheel of a Classic Car at a Ride and Drive with DriveShare.

When you're physically in control of a vehicle – whether you own it or not – there's a sense of freedom and excitement that will never compare to riding in an autonomous module. Road trips, Sunday drives, special occasions, cruises down the coast – these are things we want to hold on to as driving evolves.

While we discuss the future of the automobile, join us for a taste of the past at DriveShare's Ride and Drive. It’s your chance to get behind the wheel of a classic car.

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date | may 3, 2019
time | 7:30AM-6:00PM
Conference | $175
Conference + Reception Bundle*| $200
Petersen Member Pricing | $125

*Conference + Reception Bundle | $200 - Discover how the automotive industry is evolving, then the following day, experience Hollywood's vision of the automobile. By purchasing the bundle, you get to experience both the Future of the Automobile Conference on May 3rd and the Hollywood Dream Machines Opening Reception on May 4th. 

Learn more about the Reception here!