Kevin Czinger - Divergent 3D

Kevin Czinger is the founder, lead inventor and CEO of Divergent 3D. He founded Divergent 3D to revolutionize car manufacturing by creating a new production system that incorporates 3D metal printing. As an EV pioneer, Czinger learned that how we make cars is a bigger economic and environmental problem than how we fuel them. Divergent 3Dā€™s patented manufacturing platform radically reduces the materials, energy and capital needed to build a car. Prior to Divergent 3D, Czinger co-founded Coda Automotive, an all-electric car company with vehicles built in China and fully safety certified for the U.S., Chinese and European markets. Czinger was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Benchmark Capital (one of the top Silicon Valley venture firms) and an investor and operating executive in private and public technology companies. Early in his career, he served as an Executive Director of Goldman Sachs in Asia and Europe, where he focused on technology and telecom growth investments.