George Karayannis - Panasonic

George Karayannis has over 25 years of emerging technology and sustainable solutions leadership experience at Fortune 100 firms and high-tech startups. Karayannis currently leads Panasonic’s CityNOW efforts in North America focused on real estate developers. He also serves on the City of San Jose’s Smart City Advisory Board. Karayannis previously held leadership positions at Schneider Electric, Lockheed Martin, AT&T and several high tech startups. He also co-founded a grassroots non-profit organization developing a sustainable national energy policy, was elected as a town councilman and served on an ICBM launch crew in the US Air Force. Karayannis has authored a book on the ISO 37120 standard for Smart City indicators, is restoring a 100-year old opera house to LEED Gold, has an MBA from Case Western Reserve University, a BA from the University of Dayton and is a LEED Accredited Professional.