Dan Eberhart - Canary

Dan K. Eberhart is the CEO of Canary, LLC, which had its beginnings with the purchase of a small oilfield services company in North Dakota. Under Eberhart’s leadership, the company has grown to become one of the largest private wellhead companies in the United States. Prior to serving as Canary’s CEO, Eberhart was vice president of acquisitions at two energy companies. He received his JD from Tulane Law School and has dual degrees in economics and political science from Vanderbilt University. Eberhart is a regular contributor to Forbes and his editorials and interviews appear in publications such as New York Times or Wall Street Journal. Eberhart has served as an industry consultant in North America, Asia and Africa, a role that earned him a place in Hart Energy’s influential “30 Under 40” List. He has also been a part of several United States trade missions to sub-Saharan Africa headed by the US Secretary of Commerce and the US Secretary of Transportation.